We understand that not all of our patients can come by the office when they need to re-order supplements and products. For your convenience, browse the products we offer below and if you are in the need of any of them, please fill out the request form below and submit it to our office. We will order the necessary products for you and ship them to your door!

If you’re interested in these products, but would like to learn more about them before purchasing. Please fill out the contact information portion of the form and ask us a question in the message box. We’ll give you more information as soon as we can!

MacuHealth – $75

MacuHealth Plus – $94

TeaSoap – $37

Optimum ESC – $12

Optimum CDS – $13

Bruders Mask – $22

Retaine PM – $7

Retaine MGD – $20

Cliradex – $40

Purilens – $7

Hypchlor – $22